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Archive for September 2012

Gold chains

The most easily defined characteristic of a gold chain is its karatage, which can range from 10-karat to pure 24-karat gold. Pure gold is rarely used in fine jewelry because of it softness. Gold chains are typically alloyed with other metals to make the Gold chains more […]

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Diamond Symmetry

Diamond symmetry is an important part of the diamond finish, but not necessarily more important than the overall beauty of the diamond itself. The symmetry of the diamond refers to the exactitude of the shape and how the facets are arranged, including misshapen and extra facets. Symmetry […]

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Anniversary jewelry gifts

On Your Next Anniversary Say, I Forever Do with Anniversary jewelry gifts! For centuries, diamonds have been the ultimate symbol of everlasting love, due to their incomparable beauty, uniqueness, durability and value. Couples the world over celebrate their engagement with a diamond and they seal the vows […]

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Classics Jewelry

Classics Jewelry: Here are the Building Blocks of a Jewelry Wardrobe Fashion mavens say every stylish woman’s wardrobe should include a Chanel (or Chanel-like) suit, a little black dress and a good wool coat for winter. It is smarter, say the fashionistas, to splurge on a few […]

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Engagement ring

Choosing the Perfect Engagement ring Diamond & Setting Whether it’s a diamond she selected for herself or a surprise from her fiancé, today’s bride has almost unlimited options in the shape and design of her engagement ring. Her style can be classic or contemporary, retro or futuristic; […]

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