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Art Deco style diamond ring

Art Deco style diamond ring

Hold thy breath! Your eyes may feel utterly bedazzled by this stunning beauty. I must tell you that this Art Deco style diamond ring is decorated with some expensive gems on the planet. The big red gemstone at the center is a Burma ruby of 1.40 carats, which is highlighted by two pear-shaped diamonds at both the sides. The top and bottom rows are formed by three square baguettes. Well, if you think the triangular shapes at the four corners are just the hollows, then you are absolutely wrong. These are the black jade inlays. And all these ornamentation is created on the handmade platinum jewelry.

Art Deco is a style that emerged in 1925, a result of exhibits at the World’s Fair held in Paris, France. The term Art Deco is a shortened form of the event’s name: Exposition Internationale des Arts Décoratifs et Industriels Modernes (International Exposition of Modern Industrial and Decorative Arts). Art Deco remained popular until about the mid 1930s, and gained a new following in the 1980s forward.


What are the characteristics of Art Deco style diamond ring ?

Art Deco influenced all designs of the period, from automobiles to homes to skyscrapers to clothing. And jewelry, of course. Geometrics play a big part in the Art Deco look — circles, triangles, squares and rectangles, often woven together to create intricate designs.

Art Deco Style Diamond Ring