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Black diamonds

Naturally Black diamonds have been traditionally associated with bad luck, for obvious reasons. This superstition is slowly melting away as black diamonds become more desirable, especially among men. These diamonds have the heart and fire of white diamonds, made more mysterious by their deep, fully black appearance. Naturally black diamonds aren’t truly black, but the way the light shines through them makes them appear black.
The largest black diamond ever cut is known as the Spirit of de Grisogono, and it weighs an astounding 312 carats. It’s impressive in its ring setting, surrounded by 702 individual white diamonds, which set off its deep black hue to perfection.

black diamond ring
There’s some evidence that black diamonds may not be naturally occurring on the earth, but rather formed in outer space. Astronomers know that carbon chains just like diamonds form in supernovas, and black diamonds aren’t found in conventional mining operations. It could be that black diamonds rained down on the earth from asteroids and meteorites billions of years ago!
Synthetic diamonds are grown in laboratories, and are actually quite easy to color. Blue is the most common synthetic color, and scientists grow 3 and 4 carat blue diamonds regularly.
If you’re interested in the purchasing genuine naturally colored diamonds, make sure you ask your diamond dealer if the stone is synthetic, and be prepared to pay premium prices. Colored stones direct from Mother Earth are incredibly precious and expensive. It’s estimated that there is only one colored stone for every 10,000 white diamonds mined.

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