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Diamond-stud earrings

Diamond-stud earrings

Fashion mavens say every stylish woman’s wardrobe should include a Chanel (or Chanel-like) suit, a little black dress and a good wool coat for winter. It is smarter, say the fashionistas, to splurge on a few top-of-the line classics than to fill a closet with lesser-quality items. So too, are there jewelry “must haves” – versatile, always-in-style pieces that constitute a strong starting point for a well-considered jewelry collection. Here are some suggestions:diamond stud earring


Diamond-stud earrings. So simple yet so elegant, diamond studs are a sure-fire winner this gift-giving season. The wonder of studs comes from the way their flashes of diamond light complement the beauty of a woman’s face, so the quality of the gems matters as much as their size. Buy the biggest, best diamonds you can afford.

Cultured pearl necklace. A few years ago, Sotheby’s auctioned off Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis’s large collection of jewelry. For the auction catalogÕs cover photo, the Sotheby’s curators chose a photo of Jackie as a young mother, laughing as her baby son John sits in her lap playing with her pearl necklace. It was this “everyday” pearl necklace that best conveyed the First Lady’s renowned sense of style. She was patrician, unassuming, fashionable and always appropriate. So are cultured pearls.

Gold bracelet. Be it a bangle or a link style, a gold bracelet offers a perfect formalizing complement to many ensembles.2-cttw-diamond-tennis-bracelet-14k-white

Brooch. Designers offer hearts, circles and bows, as well as depictions of cats, birds, flowers, purses, gardening tools, golf clubs, paint palettes, etc. A whimsical brooch is the perfect signature accessory.

Colored gemstone jewelry. Who can live without color? Chandelier earrings, multi-strand necklaces and multi-stone bracelets offer the opportunity to mix a variety of one’s favorite gemstones in a single, dramatic piece. As with all investments, the key is quality rather than quantity. A jewelry collection that includes these classic styles is off to a great start.

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