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Diamond Symmetry

Diamond symmetry is an important part of the diamond finish, but not necessarily more important than the overall beauty of the diamond itself. The symmetry of the diamond refers to the exactitude of the shape and how the facets are arranged, including misshapen and extra facets. Symmetry is essential to higher clarity graded diamonds, as it increases the rarity and value.

Ideal diamond proportion symmetry

The labs grade symmetry in four separate grades, Excellent, Very Good, Good, and lastly Fair or Poor. The basis of this grading includes examination by microscope to ensure all facets meet perfectly. There are just a few diamonds that actually get the grade Excellent or Very Good, which are flawless diamonds that really just don’t exist except in a few rare instances. Diamonds that receive the grade of Good are often considered to be the most purchased diamonds and offer exceptional beauty. Diamonds with Fair to Poor symmetry should be avoided due to the lackluster brilliance, and lack of value.
Polishing the rough stone has a great deal to do with symmetry of the diamond. The goal is to cut the heaviest, most valuable diamond possible and this often means polishing a diamond with imperfect symmetry. The polished diamond is often slightly off round, have tilting of the table, or off centering of the culet. The polishing avoids inclusions and helps to achieve the perfect weight, such as 1.00 carat exactly. Contrary to popular belief, diamond cutters often use their skills to create imperfect symmetry, rather than it occurring because they do not contain the skills.

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