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Engraved Jewelry

Engraved Jewelry


The true sentiment behind a gift of fine jewelry is often symbolic and at other times quite literal. But whether the jewelry boldly declares “I Love You” or more subtly celebrates a couple’s Diamond Journey, it always does a brilliant job of reflecting your heartfelt emotions.engraved gold wedding band


Many jewelry items, including engagement rings, wedding bands and lockets are engrave able. Today’s technology allows us to engrave on the interior and exterior surfaces of a ring.  Let your creativity run wild as you poetically express the feelings that your beloved will cherish for a lifetime.


One of the most popular engrave able gift items is the heart pendant. Our favorites include puffed hearts in either polished or matte gold, contemporary designs with cutout or filigree details and hearts with diamond accents. Lockets are a welcome gift in a variety of different shapes, including ovals, rounds and hearts. Available in sterling silver or 14-karat gold, lockets can be accented with contrasting colored gold, enamel or diamonds; some are engraved with initials or the words, “I Love You.”


To show the progression of a loving relationship, nothing beats the Diamond Journey concept, in which a series of graduated diamonds symbolize the growth of love. Pendants are the most popular designs here, from simple half-circles and wands to delicate spirals, circles, helixes and swirls. Newer offering include Diamond Journey earrings, rings and bracelets. Match her jewelry wardrobe with a choice of either yellow or white gold — or combine the two for the ultimate in versatility.


For mother or grandmother, nothing expresses your love and devotion like family jewelry. Choose from a wide assortment of styles and themes, such as the mother’s ring – with colored gemstones representing the birth month of each child. Other options  include contemporary sculptural designs, such as the mom and child pendant or the family circle pendant.


Gaining in popularity are whimsical collectibles that can be expanded with the birth of each child. Help start her personal collection with golden baby shoes or child charms individually colored or engraved to represent each child.


In the category of precious memories, never underestimate the importance of faith-based jewelry. Crosses, Stars of David, amulets and icons become treasured keepsakes, often worn every day. The most popular crosses today are pendants and slides with understated, yet powerful, designs, crafted in sterling silver or 14-karat gold.


For a totally unique gift idea, tell your loved one’s life story with elements from the Life Links™ collection. These beautifully detailed sterling silver links are available in more than 100 personalized symbols and can be joined together to form a unique bracelet in which each link represents an aspect of the owner’s life or personality. Messages delivered by Engraved Jewelry.

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