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Men’s Wedding Bands

Men’s Wedding Bands

Wedding rings were originally created by ancient Egyptians to symbolize an everlasting bond between two people. The center of the ring signified a gateway that led the couple to the future. These rings were originally made of natural products such as hemp and leather far from-what toda’s modern Men’s Wedding Bands look..

Men's pattern wedding band

Wedding rings were originally seen as a feminine piece of jewelry for only women to wear. Women were considered the property of men and the wedding ring symbolized the wealth of the husband. The ring was a legally binding contract between a man and his wife that showed that she belonged to him.

However, in World War II many men were forced to be separated from their wives for long periods of time. These men began wearing wedding bands to remind them of their loved ones waiting for them back at home. Soldiers would rely on these bands to get them through when times were tough. After World War II, wedding rings for men became much more socially acceptable. They are now extremely popular, with most men wearing them to signify their commitment to their loved ones.

Diamond Gallery SD offers a large selection of gold, platinum, ceramic, titanium, cobalt, tungsten and white tungsten Men’s Wedding Bands. Come in to 4411 Mercury  Street to view our collection. Or let us know what you are looking for and we can customize a piece designed just for you.

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