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Russian diamond mines

Diamonds are mined in Brazil, India, South Africa, Australia, Canada, and Russia(Russian diamond mines), and they are all extraordinarily beautiful. This stone is the hardest known substance and the most durable, which is why it is the perfect choice for any kind of jewelry. These diamonds took millions of years to form deep below the surface of the Earth, making them true treasures.

Russian diamond mine



Today, Russian diamond mines are responsible for approximately 21% of all diamonds produced, with most coming out of Yakut, Siberia. For instance, one of the most productive diamond mines, no longer in operation, is the Mirna Mine, which is located in the Sakha Republic or Eastern Siberia, just below the Arctic Circle. Because this mine is located in permafrost, it has incredible depths of 1,600 feet with temperatures averaging between 50 and 70 degrees.

Another fascinating aspect of this Russian diamond mines is that it is the deepest open pit in the entire world. For an ore truck to get from the bottom of the mine to the top rim took almost two hours. Russian diamonds that came out of the Mirna Diamond Mine are among the oldest in the area. The first diamond was found in 1954, and three years later the mine opened. However, it is no longer in operation because all viable diamonds have been recovered. However, during its heyday, more than two million carats were mined yearly.
Another mine that produces Russian diamonds is the Udachny Mine. This too is within the Arctic Circle in the northern region of the country. This open pit operation has the largest deposit of diamonds in all of Russia. The name translates to “lucky” and for good reason – it is ranked among the largest in the entire world. The mine has two bodies, capable of yielding the highest amount of large diamonds around the globe. These Russian diamonds are not only large but also high quality.




Then there is the Anabar Mine. Situated in the northeastern portion of Russia, the mine is only mined for diamonds during the summer months, because the winter season is far too harsh, making mining difficult. With no standard roads available year round to deliver cargo, the mine is open for only a short time. However, the diamonds that come out of the Anabar Mine are simply gorgeous and well worth the effort to retrieve.
Russian diamonds coming out of the Jubilee Mine, also known as the Yubileinaya Mine, aren’t new themselves, but they come from the newest of all mines in the Sakha Republic region. This particular mine only started operations in 1986 but the results have been impressive. The mine is over the Yubileninaya kimberlite pipe, thus the name. Today, ALROSA keeps the mine in operation, finding some truly amazing Russian diamonds.
There are various mining explorations in the western part of the country. For instance, the Perm region is currently being explored, specifically the Ural Mountains. Studies have been conducted to determine the best areas where great Russian diamonds can be found. One, the Lomonosoy deposit, is located near Arkhangel’sk where a number of feasibility studies are being performed.


Another fascinating place that produces Russian diamonds is Sierra Leone. This underground diamond mine is producing great diamonds and expecting to bring things up to full blown production soon. The Kono Kimberlite Diamond Project venture is comprised of the parent company of Stellar Diamonds and Petra Diamonds, which owns 51%. This mine has been successful in its first few months of operation, selling close to 1,100 carats in a single week.
What makes the Kono Project different from other mines producing Russian diamonds is that it is currently under an exploration license. However, with so many diamonds being produced, the joint venture companies will be securing a full diamond license this year. To date, the largest diamond that came of this particular mine is a whopping 10.55 carats, which was sold for an impressive price of $31,000.
This mining scheme is the first underground operation in this area, which runs the length of the kimberlite dykes below the surface that goes into the eastern part of the country where diamonds are rich. Today, miners are going as deep as 207 feet below the Earth’s surface. The owners of the company anticipate reaching depths of 394 feet. However, for this to occur, a special ventilation system and railway tracks will have to be developed.
Along with Russian diamonds that come out of mines that have been in operation for years, new exploration projects are cropping up around the country. After all, there are many areas of Russian still untapped so people who mine for diamonds are excited to see the full potential for mines in this part of the world.

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