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Diamonds Found In Russia

Earlier this week, a story appeared in the Christian Science Monitor that reported that Moscow had revealed that it was sitting on an enormous amount of diamonds (Diamonds Found In Russia). The news had a wild back story. Apparently first discovered in Siberia in the 1970s and […]

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Diamond Polish

Diamond Polish To polish a diamond is exactly as it sounds Diamond polish. You take a rough stone that has been set and start the process of rubbing the stone to make it smooth and shiny, as well as reducing any appearance of flaws or imperfections. The […]

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Diamond Symmetry

Diamond symmetry is an important part of the diamond finish, but not necessarily more important than the overall beauty of the diamond itself. The symmetry of the diamond refers to the exactitude of the shape and how the facets are arranged, including misshapen and extra facets. Symmetry […]

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