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Wedding Gift

Wedding Gift On Her Special Day Give Her the Gift that Keeps on Giving a Wedding Gift. Every time she puts on that necklace you gave her, glances at that ring on her finger, or feels those earrings sway on her ears  shell think of you. Jewelry […]

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Rough Diamonds

Rough Diamonds Analysts had estimated the value of the stone, one of the 20 biggest high-quality rough diamonds, at around $25 million. “It is fitting that the Cullinan Heritage should achieve a sale price of $35.3 million, the highest sale price on record ever achieved for a […]

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Perfect Engagement Ring Diamond & Setting

Perfect Engagement Ring Diamond Setting The  Perfect Engagement Ring Diamond Setting , Whether it’s a diamond she selected for herself or a surprise from her fiancé, today’s bride has almost unlimited options in the shape and design of her engagement ring. Her style can be classic or contemporary, […]

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Diamond-stud earrings

Diamond-stud earrings Fashion mavens say every stylish woman’s wardrobe should include a Chanel (or Chanel-like) suit, a little black dress and a good wool coat for winter. It is smarter, say the fashionistas, to splurge on a few top-of-the line classics than to fill a closet with […]

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Blue Diamond

Blue Diamond For more than a half-century, the whereabouts of one of the world’s most celebrated diamonds, the fabled Wittelsbach blue diamond, was obscure. Every person with knowledge of great gems was likely to be familiar with the stone: A grayish blue diamond taken to Europe in […]

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Bridal Jewelry: The whole package

Bridal Jewelry: The whole package   We can no longer assume that  a bride will be dressed in white, wearing her grandmother’s pearls. Brides finally have discovered that on this momentous occasion they must present a look that reflects both their personality and taste. From classic to […]

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Diamonds: Still a Girl’s Best Friend

Diamonds: Still a Girl’s Best Friend   At the same time, economy-conscious buyers have become increasingly aware that diamonds are as much an investment as a fashion statement. As such, harder-to-find larger stones hold their value much better than smaller ones.It’s no surprise that women are sporting […]

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When Color Meets Color

When Color Meets Color The allure of bright colors in designer fashions has translated into the next big thing: large, bold, get-noticed colored gemstone jewelry accented with complementary colored side stones and diamonds. Oversized gemstone rings in rich candy colors are dominating the fashion scene and add […]

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Why We Love Platinum

Why We Love Platinum Why We Love Platinum, to call the resurgence of platinum “a trend” is a bit of a misnomer. Hardly new, platinum was revered even in ancient Egyptians’ time. By the end of the 19th century, it was the preferred metal for jewelry design, […]

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