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Getting engaged

Getting engaged, getting married? These are milestones in life that are the most special moments to treasure for a lifetime. These memories are uniquely yours, and for that very reason, the engagement ring you select should also be uniquely yours. It can be overwhelming trying to select […]

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To this day, women in many Asian cultures wear traditional-styled necklaces of high-karat gold as symbols of portable wealth. The gold links are always of specific weights and shapes, so the exact amount of wealth in any necklace is clear at a glance. In Western cultures, the […]

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Antique jewelry

Nowadays, however, young women, even young women deeply in love, do not leave such crucial and long-term fashion decisions to young men – even young men so perfect as their prospective grooms. More and more soon-to-be engaged couples are selecting the woman’s engagement ring together. And Antique jewelry […]

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Stunning Solitaire

Stunning Solitaire From Paris runways to park playgrounds, Stunning Diamond Solitaires are everywhere, a testament to both their popularity and versatility. But make no mistake; seeing one is not seeing all. With myriad customization options available, no two Stunning Solitaire designs need have anything more in common […]

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